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A small white thing flying across your head quickly gains your attention however, and your face pales as you see Amy's panties laying on a lamp. The massive shadow of Amy's silhouette slowly causes you to turn toward the hedgehog in fear.

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The hook - this is the part where you grab the reader's attention with an exciting story, fact or a question. For instance, you should set a problem and tell your readers what they are facing with. Many writers like to address this issue with an additional question to lure their audience further.
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    4. Near X Reader (Requested by @Reits_) Nate River - otherwise known as Near - was someone you had known for a while - nearly twelve years, actually. He had been there ever since you were brought to Wammy's House orphanage when you were eight years old, and Watari had assigned him to look after you when Roger or Watari himself weren't around ...
    5. apple pie. pairing ; kenma x f!reader genre ; angst w/ fluff ending warnings ; toxicish relationship, neglectful behavior?? wc ; 1k a/n ; srry this is a repost lol, but im gonna work on a smut for my next writing, but hopefully u enjoy this <33 also srry idk how to name fics dsfjasldkf your relationship was falling apart, you knew that. of course you knew that. but you were proud of him when ...
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    8. Nov 23, 2018 - Read ~Attention~ Lemon~ from the story Dipper X reader One Shots by _Nameless_Chibi_ (Silver_Sweet) with 19,076 reads. oneshots, gleefuldipper, lemons. Hello t...
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    Read His First Time: Near x Reader from the story Death Note One Shots (Lemon Edition) by JiminamonRoll (https://chim) with 27,043 reads. deathnote, light, nea...
Charles Xavier x reader (Young Charles before he was shot) Warnings: past trauma, light hurt/comfort . Mutation: Create and manipulate fire . Originally posted by maleficusbonum. You wandered the overly large mansion wondering what plans the telepath had. You wandered and wandered actually lost now.

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However, the next day threw [Name] completely off guard when Near approached her with a serious look on his face and demanded her full attention. "I want to ask you a few questions," Near began with his usual tone, "However, if any of these make you uncomfortable, feel free to pass." [Name] nodded slowly, "Alright.

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